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Healthy herbs and fruit

Experience the difference in nutrient richness with fruits and herbs from hydroponic gardens! Our plants benefit from:

  1. Precisely dosed nutrients: Hydroponic systems allow precise control over the nutrient supply, resulting in a balanced and optimal supply for the plants.
  2. Faster absorption: Plants in hydroponic systems absorb nutrients more efficiently, resulting in an accelerated growth rate and increased nutrient density in the fruits and herbs.
  3. Minimized nutrient loss: The closed-loop system minimizes the loss of nutrients, resulting in more effective use and less waste.

Experience the full flavor and nutritional benefits of fruits and herbs grown under optimal conditions in hydroponic gardens. Quality you can taste!


It couldn't be fresher


Sustainable and efficient

Advantages of hydroponic systems

Discover the benefits of hydroponic gardening for your home! With our systems you experience:

  1. Space-saving: Cultivate fresh vegetables and herbs without taking up much space.

  2. Faster growth: Hydroponic plants often grow faster than conventional, soil-bound plants.

  3. Water efficiency: Significantly reduce water consumption compared to conventional cultivation.

  4. Year-round cultivation: regardless of weather conditions, you can harvest all year round.

  5. No soil, fewer weeds: a clean and low-maintenance garden experience without weed problems.

Invest in your own green oasis at home – fresh, sustainable and always available!


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Welcome to Litrax – your leading online store for high-quality hydroponic gardening systems! We offer a wide range of solutions for private individuals, restaurants and large-scale industrial systems to help you create your own green oasis, whatever your needs or size.

For households/offices:
Discover the joy of gardening in your own home with our easy-to-use hydroponic gardening systems. Whether you want to garden on a balcony, a patio or in your living room – we have the right system for you. Enjoy fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs and colorful flowers all year round, straight from your hydroponic garden.

For restaurants:
Boost the quality of your dishes and impress your guests with fresh, flavorful ingredients from our range of hydroponic garden systems for the food service industry. Our systems are space-saving, efficient and easy to use, so you can grow your own ingredients right in your kitchen. Experience the joy of sustainable gardening and let your culinary creations shine.

Large industrial systems:
Optimize your agricultural production with our tailor-made large-scale hydroponic systems. From vertical farms to automated systems, we offer scalable solutions for maximum efficiency and productivity. Take advantage of hydroponic farming to increase your crop yields, save space and optimize resources. Find out how our systems can shape the future of industrial agriculture.

At Litrax, we value quality and customer satisfaction. Our products are carefully selected to guarantee you the best results and we offer them at competitive prices. Thanks to our own warehouse in Switzerland, we can guarantee fast next-day delivery so that you can start gardening quickly.

Discover the diversity of hydroponic gardening and experience the future of cultivation!

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